About Us

The establishment of PhilQ Manpower Services Inc was borne out of the need and demands of the global market for highly qualified, efficient, and hardworking workers to suit the ever increasing needs of employers and principals. In line with this we will identify, create, and maintain a database of reputable employers and principals, and provide them with only the best workers available in the market.

We envision a long lasting tri-party relationship between our principals, our deployed recruited workers, and us under an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, commitment, and excellence.

Over the years, Filipinos have journeyed to many parts of the world to work as professionals, skilled, semi-skilled and technical workers. Filipinos are considered by many as among the most hard working, efficient and loyal workers in the world. As a testament to this, nine million Filipinos are spread all over the world performing almost all imaginable jobs thus earning the distinction as a global worker.
Ever aware of the competitive manpower recruitment industry, PHILQ Manpower Services Inc. aim to  achieve considerable successes in providing its clientele with Filipino manpower that are known to possess the following qualities:

High standard of professional competence and technical knowledge.
Experienced and knowledgeable in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
Excellent work ethics with a mindset to contribute more than what is expected.
Imbued with a long-term career outlook with companies that recognize efficiency, performance and productivity.
Possess a strong will to excel and succeed.
Strong will to succeed . Generally able to rise up to the occasion when given responsibilities.
English Language Facility . Better English communication skills compared to many other nationalities in same category.
Family Oriented . Considers work as sacrifices he does to offer a better life to the family.
Good Work Ethics . Possesses an inherent capacity for hard work, diligent and well-disciplined.
Good team player . Is generally friendly and has a positive outlook in his relationship with other people and co-workers
Innovative Worker . Many possess diverse skills and are easily trainable. Ha penchant for finding solutions to problems and challenges.
People-Oriented. Can easily adjust to foreign culture and work environment. Has a sound temperament and can cope with the demands and pressure of his work.
Warm and Caring. Excel and is recognized worldwide for professions and competencies that require people oriented service and care.
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