Our Services

PhilQ Manpower Services Inc aims to be an agency of choice, not only of workers but also of employers through professionalism and integrity, constant interaction, and responsible stewardship during the entire recruitment process.

After an employer has appointed PhilQ Manpower Services Inc as its agent, the following services are performed timely with utmost diligence:


Recruitment and deployment of Filipino workers to various countries is sanctioned by the Philippine government through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Every employer is thus required to register to the said office before it can hire Filipino workers. PhilQ Manpower Services Inc will help facilitate this process upon execution by the employer of the following:

Special Power of Attorney
Recruitment Agreement
Job Order
Model Employment Contract
Business Registration Certificate


Maintain an updated pool of qualified manpower sourced thru media publication, and authorized provincial job fairs
Referrals from government training centers and institutions, like TESDA.
Network through industry contacts, association memberships, trade groups and employees.
Utilize the Internet for recruitment.

--Post positions to appropriate Internet sources.
--Establishment of a company website to assist in recruiting.
--Use social and professional networking sites to identify and source candidates.


Administration of whatever examinations/tests needed.
Conduct personal interviews for individual assessment. Individual assessments include determination when training is necessary and the type of training necessary to improve performance and productivity.
Evaluate and verify authenticity of credentials and documentary submissions such as employment certification, transcript of records, etc.
Prepare candidate for interview with employer and/or its representative. The interview maybe via video conferencing or personal.
Arrange the conduct of medical and laboratory tests to determine health and fitness level of candidate.
Monitor submission of documentary requirements.
Facilitate visa issuance from host country through employer for selected candidates.
Provide Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) assistance. This seminar is intended to familiarize the selected worker with the customs and traditions of the country where he or she will work.
Coordinate with principal airline booking of selected worker.
Airport departure assistance.


In order to insure hassle-free assumption of employment, PHILQ Manpower Services Inc. arranges with employers important relocation related matters such as accommodation, transport to and from work (if applicable), provision of food, etc at the initial stage
Maintain contact and communication with families of deployed workers to keep them abreast with the working condition of the workers, their safety, and other workplace issues involving their over-all well-being. This will give both workers and their family peace of mind, which will in turn make the workers perform their work free of family worries.
Maintain an active role in reaching and preserving a good employer-worker relationship by mediating and equitably resolving workplace complaints, if any.
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